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I outsource my printing with a print house. Once an order is placed it goes right into production therefore orders cannot be changed or cancelled after they are placed. 


Once the order is placed it goes directly into processing. I will not have a status update until I receive the tracking number from the printer, at which point I will send you a shipping confirmation email with tracking number. All orders are shipped via Fed Ex overnight delivery.  If the estimated time on my homepage says 3-5 days, please do not reach out for a status update unless you haven't received an email by the 5th business day. Unfortunately I don't have time to respond to the many inquiries I  receive regarding status updates. 


Unfortunately I am unable to do customizations right now. This includes things like “can you just switch out the streamers for balloons” type requests. In fact, I probably can’t do anything that starts with “can you just”. I am very grateful to have this little business, but because I didn’t set out to have a business I am working backwards trying to get things set up correctly. Buying a domain name, having a real website built, figuring out when and how to deal with sales taxes, setting up business banking accounts and credit cards…doesn’t this all sound fun? This barely leaves enough time to get out the orders for things I have already created and can’t do any special requests. Sorry :( 

issues with orders

If you have issues with your order please use the Claim Form which is found on the bottom of the Home Screen. Issues must be communicated within 48 hours of receiving your order.


I’m human, the people who work in the print house are human, the people delivering your packages are human. This means mistakes can and do happen. I will always do my best to rectify any mistakes and take care of you. If something is damaged or missing please fill out the claim form immediately.


Please expect there may be slight imperfections with printing or cutting due to the nature of printing on Coroplast. Small bends on corners or the white border during shipping will not be replaced. Replacements will be sent if the imperfections hinder the use of the signs. If you receive the wrong order or damaged items, the print house may require me to have you to ship the items back. I apologize in advance for this inconvenience, it is just part of the process.  All sales are final and I can’t accept returns unless there is an issue with the product that can’t be resolved. 


I try to keep my regular pricing competitive, therefore I do not have many sales or issue coupon codes. I usually offer most new designs on sale before bumping them up to regular price. If you are active in my Facebook group or checking my website regularly then you will see these sales. I do this because I think it stinks when you buy something and then the next day it goes on sale.  That’s not to say I will NEVER put an old design on sale, but it won’t be often. You can also get deep discounts by purchasing combos or bundles. I am starting to list these more often and will continue to do so when my website is finished. 

current delivery time

Orders arrive in approximately 4-6 business days after they are placed. Please expect your order to arrive on the 6th business day. If it arrives earlier, yay!  If it has not arrived by the 6th business day please reach out to me and I will check the status and figure out where your shipment is.

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